Exhibition The Climb - De Etalage 

Doorniksewijk, Kortrijk - oktober 2019 / februari 2020

"As a woman, the less you meet the standards of society -  

The more steps it requires to get where you deserve to be.

Society has been imposing numerous rules and limits on women which are regarded as normal over the years. In this installation, illustrator Flore Deman, was searching for a way to visualize the position of woman over the last years and experimented with wooden figures on a bigger scale. They fill the gap between 2D and 3D and were a great material to create an enlarged woman and visualize her position in life. It became a playful installation with bright colors and organic forms. In the public space these female figures seem to climb up, away from the crowd that’s passing by in the street. If you look at the reflection of the houses across the street, it seems like they are climbing up into the neighbours window to escape. 


© Flore Deman       sayhi@floredeman.com     Belgium

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